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Xperimental Music
Xotic? Perhaps!
Xcruciating? Maybe!
Xtreme? Possibly!
Xcessive? Probably!
Xhilerating? Who's to say!

Announcing the X-Series.
Sounds that celebrate Xploration and Xperimentation.


Bugbrand Modular Performance Patches Vol. 1

This is a small collection of performance patches created on the Bugbrand Modular System


Soft Boundaries

Soft Boundaries, the first in the X-Series, is an experiment in limits. Created with minimal sound sources and incorporating chance procedures. For listeners that appreciate free improvisation, noise and electronic pioneers like Pauline Oliveros and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

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Invoking the Muse

Invoking The Muse is an auditory escape presented in twelve volumes of improvised acoustic guitar meditations. 

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