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Randy Adams

Electro-folk, Hallucinatory Blues, Lyrical Love Songs and Sonic Ambiance 

Randy Adams' is a passionate musician whose sonic fabric is woven from a multi threaded musical universe. Union of the Sun and Moon is a vocally oriented project of lilting love songs, dark blue hallucinatory dream worlds and naturescapes. The sound of Union of the Sun and Moon is grounded by universal themes presented in a unique and often unpredictable fashion.

Projects presented as "Randy Adams" reflect the floating world that inhabits a musical mind. Contemplative acoustic guitar improvisations, granular synthesis experiments and electronic spaces are all a part of an ever-changing mix.

Instruments you are likely to hear are guitar, voice, electronic musical instruments (Bugbrand and Buchla Modulars and Arp Synthesizers), field recordings and computers. 


Randy spent many years refining his chops on stage with psychedelic rock bands including Train of Thought, The Awakening, New Potato Caboose and The Next Step.  He has a deep love for improvising and psychedelic music and  still continue to explore the outer reaches of musical space.

Randy also has extensive experience as a music educator as the Director of the Guitar and Electronic Music Studio at Foxcroft School in Virginia.  In addition, he has had a long association with Music and Arts Center teaching a wide range of stringed instruments.


“Currently, I am still making beads created from vibrating space.”


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Invoking the Muse

Invoking The Muse is an auditory escape presented in twelve volumes of improvised acoustic guitar meditations. 

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