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Randy Adams

Electro-folk, Hallucinatory Blues, Lyrical Love Songs and Sonic Ambiance


I keep reminding myself.  Let go - but I hold on - maintaining the illusion that I am finding an end or a beginning.  Breathing in an infinite space of vibrating waves. Throwing infinitesimal bits of that continuum into tiny beads to place on the jeweled net of existence.  That’s about it.”


Randy was born in New York and raised in Maryland.  He lived in California for several years, but now resides in Virginia.   He has traveled the country playing lead guitar in 6 night a week 5 set a night country rock bands.  He later played in hippie rock bands of the two 90 minute set a night variety for many years.  These bands were Train of Thought, the Awakening, New Potato Caboose and The Next Step. 


Randy’s current music project is Union of the Sun & Moon.  He combines acoustic guitar and vocals with tracks that are tuned and triggered from Ableton Live.  Many of the tuned tracks originated as sounds from nature, e.g. crickets, the ocean, birds.  These tracks were created and transformed on either a Buchla 200e, Bugbrand Modular Synthesizer or ARP 2600 using a variety of processes including granular synthesis.


Randy also has extensive experience as a music educator as the Director of the Guitar and Electronic Music Studio at Foxcroft School in Virginia.  In addition, he has had a long association with Music and Arts Center teaching a wide range of stringed instruments.


“Currently, I am still making beads created from vibrating space.”


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Invoking the Muse

Invoking The Muse is an auditory escape presented in twelve volumes of improvised acoustic guitar meditations. 

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